For 5 plus years Positive American Youth’s feeding initiatives have provided groceries, cooked meals and snacks to thousands of families and people in need. Programs like Thanksgiving Thursday with Carol Blackmon of Majic 97.5/107.5, Lunch on & Reec Treats the City with Hot 107.9 On Air Talent REEC, our community Food Pantry & our Annual Big Bird Give Away allow us the opportunity to service the masses with hot meals and grocery items.  This week we had the pleasure and opportunity to provide another non profit, Safe House Outreach, doing great things with a few thousand pounds of food items.

SafeHouse ATL

PAYUSA Delivers 26 Ft BUDGET truck filled with frozen foods to SafeHouse ATL

Safehouse Outreach has many different programs that service and help those in desperate need of it. Their  Night Impact Services provides hot meals and cool drinks to many homeless and less fortunate throughout Atlanta. Positive American Youth (PAYUSA) would lie to thank Safehouse Outreach for all that you do and allowing us to assist in your wonderful feeding program!

Pictures From the food drop: (Photo Credit – C-No Rich)