What is P.A.Y. ?

Positive American Youth  (P.A.Y) was established in 1997, our focus is to help youth through entertainment, sports, education and fund raising events.  Taking a step up from solely being a positive influence requires that we sway our youth through experience.  Positive American Youth uses the strengths and collective experiences of our staff and mentors to educate and enlighten the targeted audience.

Positive American Youth’s programs are designed and implemented to not only introduce youth to a broad selection of extracurricular activities, but to also involve the youth and highlight the steps to become successful with each new experience.

Understanding that today’s youth are heavily influenced by sports and entertainment, Positive American Youth has constructed a majority of our events to involve and showcase both of these categories.   We feel it is important to reach our youth on a platform that will stimulate interest therefore producing more productive long-term outcomes.

Our Mission

Positive American Youth’s (P.A.Y) mission is to reach our community through positive and productive events and programs that build lasting relationships that will strengthen America.

Hence our motto: “People helping people help themselves”.”