It’s no secret that communities have been struggling with police interaction for decades. With the advent of social media, stories are going viral of injustice and people want answers and a straight line of communication with local law enforcement. Answers & information that can one day slow down these heartbreaking stories of harmful and even fatal interactions with the police. We are doing our part by partnering with a program called Clippers & Cops. This program started over a year ago with the community gathering at local barber shops to meet police officers to have open and honest conversations in hopes of  settling unrest between the two parties, stop potential negative interactions, arm the community with vital information and protocol that could save lives and mostly start a healthy dialogue between the two. Our spokes an (Reec Swiney) has acted as the moderator for these events since inception along with  former Atlanta police investigator and program founder Tyron Dennis. Momentum has steadily increased at every meeting and to keep the positive trend going, we have taken the program digital so everyone can remain safe during the pandemic and still achieve the mission of the program! check out February’s virtual Clippers and Cops!