Free Basketball Camp, Celebrity Game, band Battle and Concert! those where the highlights from the 11th Annual PAYDAY, or Community day put on by Positive American Youth at Atlanta Metropolitan College. 

payday meets campsgiving 2018 reec (1).jpg

This year not only dubbed over a decade of free events and community service, but also a first time PAYUSA or Positive American Youth, shared this marquee events stage with another organization. Campgiving foundation, brainchild of prominent Atlanta based musician K-camp’s Mother and family joined PAYUSA to add to the celebrity and excitement of the day.

payday meets campsgiving 2018 reec (22).jpg

The day kicked off with a free basketball camp ran by Alexia Adams, Josh Powell 7 coach Greg of OMG training. kids got to brush up on their b-ball skills, heard valuable life lessons and were treated to gear and lunch courtesy of Hot 10.9’s Reec. 

Then the entertainment side kicked off with a celebrity basketball game between Reec 7 K-camp. Both squads were infused with local stars, former NBA players, and national brands. Halftime was loaded with flips and dance moves courtesy of Flip City South and a tribute to fallen artist Young Greatness, that included a memorial token presentation to his Mother and son.

The game concluded with a band Battle presented by Band Room Nation, an organization dedicated to introducing and helping youth get involved with live instrumentation and mentoring. The day simmered off with a free concert that included K-Camp hitting the floor to perform some of his mega hits.