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Celebrities, Hoops & Free Toys This Sunday 12/17!

Celebrities, Hoops & Free Toys This Sunday 12/17! Atlanta Media Partners is once again calling all it's celebrity friends to join them on the basketball court for Hoops. Hot 107.9's Reec will be participating in the game and be highlighted as an outstanding person in the community with Positive American Youth, Ice The Bully Book Tour [...]

Hot 107.9’s Reec &TV Star Kelsey Nykole Give Back by Reading with PAYUSA

As we know reading is one of the key factors in a child's education; and higher literacy test scores have a direct effect on having  legal issues.    We also know that celebrities have the power to create change through influence and action. This  week Hot 107.9's Reec brought his self written kids book "Ice Gets [...]

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